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With Love Short Pants, Black

With Love Short Pants, Black

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Sweatpants with the brand's classic beaded and embroidered logo have a relaxed, straight fit. The waist has a drawcord for comfort when worn.


Recommended comments

Wear it with the same zip cardigan for a more practical and fashionable look. It is also recommended to be used alone, and is an easy-to-use daily item.



-La Mofiel-

Established in Shanghai in 2013.

After working as a freelancer in the couture industry for eight years, he formed a team and started his own ready-to-wear line in 2022. The collection aims to break through the constraints of age, shape and gender, designing each piece with love and bringing the concept of “happy dressing” to everyone.



-100% cotton

-Item No.: LM23UPA05001

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